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Agarwal Community

HNo- 21-6-408,
2nd Floor,
Ghansi Bazaar, Jhula,
Hyderabad - 500002
Landmark : Next to MAHEK Textiles.
Email : agarwal.community1@gmail.com
Phone : 9032074710

To consult Us through email My fee is – Rs 500/- for INDIA and $10 (USD) for Other Countries for 2 Months.

Your privacy is utmost important to me. We will never use any of the data given by you for treatment, your name, illness, anything related to you, in any of our posts or presentations. This we are promising to you.

  • 1. Save our email in your contact list.

    – The first thing you have to do is, as soon as you think you want to consult us, is to add our email id in your contact list. Our email ID is – agarsensamithi@gmail.com, agarwal.community1@gmail.com.

    This is because, if our emails go into your spam folder, then you will miss the communications. Many a times, people pay fees. We write to them asking how can we help you. Then it goes into spam box and the communication is lost. Please help us to avoid that.

  • Better consult your doctor first. We may not be the best choice for you.

    It is always advantageous to consult an Ayurvedic doctor directly, in person. There are many aspects of your body, health and disease, that are to be considered before deciding on treatment lines. We can not do all those analysis by emails. Hence direct consultation is always good, always better than consulting us online.

    But one thing is there, that we too give the suggestion based on analysis of your reports and inputs given by you. And reports are read by well experienced doctors.

    The health suggestions and product advice that We give are just guidelines and do not substitute advice by a healthcare professional. We make our judgement purely on the data that you provide by email. Please consult your doctor directly before taking up our suggestions. We are not responsible for any untoward health incident that may arise due to our suggestions. It is up to your risk to consult us, online.

    We keep in ming the diet and restrictions for the specific medications, and we advice you. But if you do not follow the diet and restrictions then we will not be responsive for any issue arises.

    • Our email consultation has many disadvantages and is inferior when compared to a direct doctor’s consultation.
    • We strongly suggest to verify our advice with your doctor before starting off any medication prescribed by our advice.
    • If you have any doubts with our advice, please do get it cleared and be 200% sure before starting to act on our advice.
    • Our health advice are just suggestions based on the details given by you, this are not a doctor’s prescription. The statements that we make are not approved by FDA. They are not substitutes for direct consultation with your doctor.
  • We are not good at Phone Calls

    We are not comfortable to reply about health issues over the phones. It may be because of disturbance in call, or language understanding, Or i have told everything and you do not hear properly. There are lot of issues while talking on phone.

    So we prefer emails, As we can write better then we talk, as while writing we think 2-3 times before suggesting any medication. And while writing we keep on reading your inputs and reports provided & then only we decide some thing.

    Advantages of email
    We really think clearer when we are typing, than we are talking. Before making a decision, we get ample amount of time to look into severity of disease and also into choice of medicine that needs to be suggested.

  • How to make payment?

    Ther are multiple options to make payment. You can make payment through DD, Cheque, internet banking.

    Once you make the payment and ask me the question, and I answer it. From the day of answering, three months count starts. You are free to ask any number of queries for three months period.

  • Product suggestion.

    Based on your place, I usually select those that are available in local med shop near you. If you do not get it, you can get my help in sending the medicines to your home by courier service. (both for inside and outside India.)

  • If you really are doubtful.

    about my help in your disease, then just send the email first, before making the payment. I will reply if I can be helpful or if you need to go to a doctor. Based on that, you can take a decision either to go to a doc or to pay my fees and consult me.

  • Fees.
    Fees is valid upto three months for one person. You can email us for any number of times for free in this time period. I usually take 1 – 2 days to reply.
  • Be careful with proxy.

    Proxy means, you, asking on behalf of someone else. I write one thing, you understand another thing, and when you communicate, then the actual party may understand completely different thing.

  • Please take a print out.

    Our advice usually consists of product suggestion, diet and lifestyle advice. To follow all those clearly, please take a print of the email and keep it for reference.